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Testthat r tutorial

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    Testthat makes it easy to turn your existing informal tests into formal automated In addition, as part of a general process to make tidyverse and r-lib packages
    29 May 2018
    12 Jun 2013 Here’s a little example of using Hadley Wickham’s testthat package for unit testing R code. You can read more about testthat here. The function
    If you’re familiar with unit testing in other languages, you should note that there are some fundamental differences with testthat. This is because R is, at heart,
    30 May 2018
    How to write tests for the code in an R package. Hadley Wickham said it best, in his 2011 paper on his testthat package: It’s not that we don’t test our code,
    Overview. Testing your code can be painful and tedious, but it greatly increases the quality of your code. testthat tries to make testing as fun as possible, so that
    12 Mar 2017 testthat is a testing framework developed by Hadley Wickham, which updates about R news and tutorials on topics such as: Data science, Big26 Jun 2017 For example, a correlation coefficient should always be between -1 and 1, so you could write a test that will raise an error if it encounters an r
    by Hadley Wickham. Abstract Software testing is important, but many of us don’t do it because it is frustrating and boring. testthat is a new testing framework for R


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